Quality Council

Quality Council (QC)

The Quality Council (QC), formerly known as the Interagency Quality Council (IQC), consists of members with leadership skills, and a strong interest in driving quality for the Florida Statewide Medicaid Waiver program. Quality Council members assist in enhancement of service delivery in Florida. Members include those receiving Developmental Disabilities services, also known as self-advocates, family members, Medicaid Waiver Providers, Waiver Support Coordinators, and other stakeholders.

The Quality Council

  • Provides oversight of quality assurance activities conducted by Delmarva;
  • Monitors  compliance with contractual obligations;
  • Contributes feedback to Delmarva, AHCA and APD on their implementation of quality assurance reviews of Home and Community-Based Services Waivers providers;
  • Furnishes a forum for discussion and development of recommendations that results in practical, useful, and easily understood information for stakeholders which can be used to facilitate meaningful quality improvement activities; and
  • Recommends awareness of available community resources and community partnerships, in order to expand resources for persons with developmental disabilities.

QC identifies areas for practical and realistic improvement based on the data generated by Delmarva Discovery Reviews, APD and AHCA initiatives, and information gathered from other stakeholders. The QC utilizes a variety of formats for areas of idea generation, including presentations by Delmarva, APD, and AHCA staff as well as presentations from community organizations and HSRI (Human Research Services Institute). QC members brainstorm and produce solutions in various set ups including, but not limited to, small work groups to develop practical solutions and report these back to the larger QC.  

Delmarva Foundation (DF) and the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) facilitate QC meetings. The day long meetings are held four times per year, two in Tallahassee and two in other parts of the state.

For more information, please contact:
Robyn Tourlakis (tourlakisr@delmarvafoundation.org) or call toll-free 866-254-2075.

Quality Council Resources

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